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Pit Stop cafe!

Kids Menu

red 'hot meals' title
Small portion:£3.25
Large portion:£4.25

purple 'extra side dishes' title
Curly fries£1.25£2.10
Cheesy fries£1.25£2.10
Onion rings£0.80£1.20
Garlic bread£1.00£1.50
Cheesy garlic bread£1.50£2.00

blue 'cold meals' title

Consists of sandwich, piece of fruit, bowl of crisps, drink and ice cream with choice of sauce.

Choice of sandwich fillings: cheese, ham, tuna, chicken, corned beef, egg mayonaise or jam.

Small portion:£3.25
Large portion:£4.25

grey 'small bites' title
Cheese on toast£1.00£2.00
Spaghetti on toast£1.05£2.10
Scrambled egg on toast£1.00£2.00
Boiled egg with bread soldiers£1.00£2.00

pink 'drinks' title
Robinsons™ Fruit Shoot™£1.00
Robinsons™ H2O Fruit Shoot™£1.00
Water (still)£0.85
NoisyDrinks™ SuckaSlush™£1.00

Ordering & Special dietary requirements: please order your food at least one week in advance of your party and please ensure any special dietary requirements are passed to us so that we can cater for these.